Connective Cisco Cloverleaf/Ocean Currents

iPad Publication, 2013

Javascript, Css3, HTML, Node.js, Phantom.js

Interactive iPad ad with Node/Phantom server. Using Node and Phantom, a screenshot is taken and cropped of the traffic overlay map of the “Cloverleaf” intersection of South La Brea Ave and the Santa Monica Freeway from Google. Saved to the server, this allows users of the iPad app to not only see the live feed of the intersection traffic directly from Google Maps, but to scroll through the last 12 hours of maps, which Google doesn’t save. Using weather APIs the local weather can be found. To keep weather requests low, the weather in Santa Monica is saved to the server by the same script that is creating the images. A similar ad allows users to scroll through a map of the world selecting sea boys and pulling up information on them.

Awards: IAC 2014 Winner